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The products on the top left come with your kit.  They come in 2 parts
the first half is shipped to you within days of you joining. The first
part also comes with a BeautiControl Carrying Case for all of your
supplies. Then after you attend the BeautiU Training Day and become
a Certified Independent Consultant you get the second part to your case.
Remember BeatuiControl is paying $200.00 a person to send you to
this training class.  It is a day filled with motivation, inspiration, and
great tips for selling and using all the products. 
Ready to Join?  If so click here
If all these great products haven't changed your mind. Then check out
the paragraph to your right and review the Best Reason of All to join
this month.   
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I know you're doing your math. Aside from all these great products
and services you are getting when you join, BeautiControl went
one step further to offer you a great Spring incentive to join this
month. It is only $99.00 to join.
I'm a bit jealous, but knowing what I know
now after having been a Consultant for a few months I would
pay the whole $250.00 and still think it was a steal!!!!!
I know you're ready now. Don't forget you have a whole
support system of women who will be there for you
every step of the way and I am only an email and

Have questions? me at